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Analyze 70+ factors that improve your Site's Usability and Search Rank
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31 March 2015

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This is an analysis tool that helps SEO work.

The aim of businessmen has always been to attract people to their businesses. Getting them to your business and converting these interested people into paying and satisfied customers defines the success of businesses. When Internet based businesses came along, the equivalent of these activities has been to find search engine traffic (that defines the interested population). By ranking high on these engines ensure higher percentage of such interested people come to your website. By offering interesting products and services on your website, it is possible to convert visitors to paying customers. This tool helps you find out what kind of experience visitors can expect on a visit to your site. It helps gather relevant data and crunch the numbers. It will give you a perspective on the visitor’s experience. Depending on the feedback, you would tune the pages and this tool will keep monitoring and will tell you if things are working.

The insight tool breaks down the content structure, analyzes metadata, verifies back links and how many of them are there and tells you what needs to be done. It will check for broken links, report missed Meta descriptions, and list header information. More than 70 points are presented for user consumption, it automatically prioritizes issues. The tool gives you a 12 point overview of keyword usage. These include how often the phrase is in use, what is the keyword density and where they are used etc. Custom reports with snapshots of each page are made available. All scans are saved in a single project file allowing you to view your progress over time. This is a very good tool if you are in e-commerce and consequently in SEO business.

Publisher's description

Website Insight provides a neutral, analytical view of your website - it's like looking at your pages through a search engine's eyes. Browse through the generated report and get valuable insight in the experience and impressions of your humanvisitors too.
Have you ever looked at your web page contents through a search engine's eyes? Ever wondered what a neutral visitors impression is when he or she reads what's there? Website Insight will help you see. Buddy breaks down your content structure, analyzes meta data, counts and verifies link, summarizes what you emphasized and more.
Website Insight has your back too. Remember when we responsified our site? Buddy diligently pointed out the broken links, reported neglected meta descriptions, and listed header information. We just can't imagine what we would have done without him!
SEO is often described in mysterious terms such as "The methodology behind improving your website's search rank." What really counts is what we call "Visitor Friendliness." If you make the visit a relevant and interesting experience, it will impress search engines and human visitors alike.
It's a continuous process that you need a buddy for. A buddy that can help gather the relevant data. A buddy that helps you crunch the numbers. A buddy that gives you a neutral, honest perspective. A buddy that never gets tired, and never complains. Website Insight is that buddy - tireless and anxious to help you following every update, change, tweak, or page addition
CoffeeCup Website Insight
CoffeeCup Website Insight
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